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Brace yourself for a lot of auto acronyms because we are dealing with VSS-vehicular speed sensor-the automotive tachometer that gathers info about your wheel's rotational speed. With a toothed metal disk and a detector, it creates a magnetic field producing pulses collected and carried to the car's operating system. But before you wonder why it is important for modern cars to have VSS inside them, you should know first why you have to have top-notch Pex speed sensors guiding your car's system.

Pex is not an acronym, at least for the auto part industry. It's actually a German automotive parts brand that considers itself a market leader in wear detection. They are known to implement "Total Quality Management" approach on all their products which remarkably validates their claim as a pioneer in creating top-notch auto parts. And they are specifically known for their industry-leading vehicular speed sensors.

A Pex VSS is actually a car part that allows ECM or electronic control module to calculate the speed of your ride depending on set parameters. Therefore, it can tell you if a specific part of your system is wearing down. But this system has another purpose besides knowing when to order for replacement parts at Parts Train. You see, Pex VSS is not just a single type of sensor. For instance, if your car has a VAPs or a variable-assisted power steering system installed, your vehicle uses this type of VSS for you to properly navigate around parking areas, school zones, and basically low-speed areas easily. And if your vehicle has an ABS or the anti-brake system, it gives the ECM the info it needs on how much braking pressure to apply every time you step on the pedal.

There are a lot more VSS types-IC, EEC, and CCS-but the bottom line is finding the right one for your car and to make sure you are getting from a reliable source of supreme-quality auto parts like Parts Train. That's why if you are having trouble with your VSS, grab your manual or better yet consult your trusted mechanic. This saves you a lot of money for purchasing a sensor that won't fit your vehicle. And when you finally know what type of VSS you need, browse our catalog and find out if one of our top-notch Pex VSS matches your car's specs.