Pertronix Car Parts & Accessories

In the combustion process, after the spark plug fires a surge of electricity to the fuel-air mix inside the engine cylinder, smoke can come out of the exhaust pipe of a car as a result of a weak combustion. That's why top-notch Pertronix ignition and exhaust products make sure that your car's emissions will almost be cloud-free.

Pertronix has been in the auto industry for more than 50 years selling auto parts to satisfied consumers. But before the said company focused on creating ignition and exhaust system parts, it was first known in the 1960s as Per-Lux, a supplier of driving and fog lights for trucks. But by the 1970s, the company's star product, Ignitor, was born, highlighting the start of Per-Lux's change of stage. That's why at the onset of the 90s, Per-Lux finally directed all their efforts in creating top-quality ignition parts signing in to their current name. They also upgraded their ignition system parts by adding ignition boxes and distributors under their Flame-Thrower series. That's why Parts Train has all the reasons to include this brand in its roster of top-quality auto parts.

As a pioneer in supplying parts that boosts the overall performance of vehicles, Parts Train considers Pertronix as one of its lighting rods. With products aiming to utilize almost every molecule of the fuel-air mix without producing excessive waste gases, this brand is definitely a must-have for all car enthusiasts, auto part suppliers, and car manufacturers alike. And with the addition of exhaust system parts in Petronix's list, their assurance of quality fuel combustion has just stepped up a notch. If Doug, Patriot, Thunderbird, Smithy, and Vera Flow sound familiar to you, this is because all of these top brands are under Petronix's exhaust wing.

From exhaust parts like headers and mufflers, to specialized ignition parts like spark plugs and ignition coils, Petronix will only deliver top-notch performance that is longer-lasting than most brands in the market. And because we, in Parts Train, consider the satisfaction of our customers, all Petronix ignition and exhaust system parts are marked with our industry-leading lowest-price guarantee.