Perrycraft Load Bars & Accessories

Load bars like the Perrycraft load bars are the component you need for installing roof mount gears to your vehicle. These load bars of Perrycraft are complete base rack system. Your entire roof mounts gear carriers are connected directly to the load bars. These load bars are truly long lasting when it comes to durability and strength. In addition to that, Perrycraft is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to better quality of roof racks, body handles, bed rails, load bars, and other auto roof accessories.

Every Perrycraft load bar comes in two basics designs. These are the rectangular crossbar and the aerowing crossbar. The rectangular crossbar is the design that has rubber padded clamps intended to protect the roof rails from any damage. This design is also intended on most sports equipment carriers to keep all loads secured enough. On the other hand, the aerowing crossbar works with raised side rail roof racks and rails. The clamps of this crossbar are adjustable for spacing between the roof and rails for a perfect fit. Both designs of the Perrycraft load bars are assured of quality that is equivalent to its good looks.

Using these top quality Perrycraft load bars will assure you of reliable and dependable load bars on your vehicle as these are made from premium grade, tempered aluminum extrusion, and are weather resistant. They can even add style to your vehicle while being functional at the same time. If you ever need to acquire there aftermarket accessories, Parts Train can offer you vast selections. All other products of the same brand is available here for your vehicle needs. Check these out now!