Perrycraft Car Parts & Accessories

Perrycraft refers to the brand and the company that manufactures roof racks, grab handles, truck rails, sports equipment carriers and accessories. The company is officially known as Perrycraft, Inc. This company has been manufacturing aftermarket automotive racks for over two decades. If you own a car, truck or SUV, you probably tried loading your luggage and other big equipment in your vehicle but cannot find any space inside your vehicle to accommodate the loads. A bike, for instance, will not fit inside an SUV or sedan, although it might fit in the truck bed of a pickup truck. Nonetheless, you will still need something to hold the bike in place. Loading big luggage and equipment on your vehicle is convenient if your vehicle has racks.

Racks come in many design and they can be installed in different parts of your vehicle. There are ordinary roof racks that can be used to carry luggage. On the other hand, there are special racks that can be used to carry sports equipment such as kayak, bike and surf board. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, you can install specific racks for your needs. Perrycraft, Inc. manufactures and distributes the widest selection of roof racks. Its roof rack products are medium-duty roof racks, capable of carrying average luggage load. Its racks are constructed out of reinforced aluminum, allowing them to be tough but lightweight. A roof rack can be bolted directly on the roof of an SUV or a car. A roof rack is composed of intersecting beams and braces.

Racks are useful because they can hold a variety of loads. They work by providing anchor for the loads. You can simply tie the loads using ropes and the loads will be secured on their place. On the other hand, sports equipments such as skis, bikes or kayak require specialized racks. Holding these types of loads securely in place does not only require the racks to have higher load capacity but also it requires the racks to be specially designed to make the sports equipment to be stable and not wiggling or being thrown off all around every time the vehicle encounters a bump on the road. Here at Parts Train, you can find excellent Perrycraft racks for a variety of applications.