Perma-Tune Car Parts & Accessories

What probably catches your fancy during a storm, besides strong winds, are maybe the streaks of electricity that go with the winds. Well, who wouldn't want to stop and take a look at rain clouds with visible sparks? Maybe that inspired Nikola Tesla, Alessandro Volta, and Benjamin Franklin to research about electricity. But when Ferdinand Porsche and Dr. Theodore Sturm developed Perma-Tune, little did they know they'd strike automotive industry like lighting.

As designers of electronic ignition systems for vehicles, Perma-Tune started strong in 1968 by creating an ignition system for the original Porsche 911 race car. And the company has come a long way since then by expanding its focus on other car brands as well. Now, the same ignition system design by this top ignition developer is being used by other car brands such as Lamborghini, Mercedes, Saab, and Ferrari. But the top company's winning streak doesn't stop there. Now known as Perma-Tune, Inc., it develops units for both scientific and industrial applications in maritime, space, and aviation to name a few. But let's not get off Parts Train's tracks.

You see, we chose Perma-Tune as one of our top ignition system parts suppliers because of what they can do for our customer's car. Upon installation of this premium brand's products, a driver can significantly feel the difference in his car's engine. This is because Perma-tune's products extensively improve your engine's combustion, reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy. Also compared to other ignition system parts, those provided by Perma-Tune are more economical and takes less effort to install in your car. And this is why Parts Train is geared up to provide this top-notch company's quality ignition parts to you, our customers.

Perma Tune has a simple philosophy-ignite all the of the fuel-air mixture at the start of the combustion cycle and everything will follow. With revolutionary ignition system designs, you get all what's available in your fuel virtually leaving nothing but enhancement in your cars performance. Top that up with what Parts Train's lowest-price guarantee, assurance of high-quality, and fast shipping, and you might not want to place your eyes on other automotive part suppliers.