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Perf Accessories offers high-quality, direct-fit aftermarket parts crafted to perfection by experienced and competent engineers. But its field of specialization is body lift kits. For more than two decades, the company has continuously produced top-class body lift accessories for SUVs and other off-road vehicles. That's why it's really no wonder that it's one of the most trusted names in the industry today.

Body lift kits from Perf Accessories come complete with all the parts you'll need for installation like high-grade, reinforced nylon lift blocks; CNC-machined, splined steering shaft extensions; gold zinc-plated lift kit brackets; and bumper brackets. With everything you need packed in one set, putting everything in place becomes a lot easier. You can even do it on your own! That way, you can make sure that you'll get the exact results you want, plus you can also save more from labor costs.

Perf Accessories body lift kits enable you to customize your off-road vehicle to suit your needs. They can add two to six inches of ground clearance, which then helps keep obstacles on the road, like humps and other debris, from scraping your auto's undercarriage. With such an excellent body lift kit, you'll get the car body height you need to upgrade to bigger (like up to 35-inch!) tires and wheels. That will give your car a cool, stylish, and rugged look-just perfect for off-road vehicles like yours. One thing to remember, though: lifting your car may leave a gap in the wheel area. And of course, you'll want to protect the components visible in this gap from damaging elements. But don't you worry; gap guards are all you need for that.

Did you know that Perf Accessories has the widest selection of body lift kits available on the market today? There are kits for two- and four-wheel drive vehicles. Did you know, too, that ninety percent of the body lift kits being sold in various auto parts shops come from this manufacturer? A proof that Perf Accessories is indeed the trusted name when premium body lift kits are what you're after. Parts Train offers items from this company; every piece comes complete with a limited lifetime warranty.