Percys Car Parts & Accessories

Percys refers to the brand and company that manufactures high performance gaskets and fabricated plastic systems. The company is officially known as Percy's High performance, Inc. This company was founded in 1995. Since then it has become one of the leading suppliers of performance gaskets and fabricated plastic system not only for the racing industry but also for the aerospace industry. Customers range from individual racers to big manufacturers. Percy's High Performance, Inc. indeed has come a long way, considering that it has been operating for barely twelve years now. Other customers of Percy's include the food industry, which utilizes plastic sneeze-guards; the home land-security, which uses the fabricated plastics as shields; and the Lottery, which uses transparent fabricated plastics as cashier windows.

Nonetheless, the biggest and still most profitable products of Percy's are the automotive high performance gaskets and fabricated plastics. These automotive products are commonly used by the racing industry. The tough but lightweight materials of these products are ideal for the race industry. Performance gaskets include intake manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, header gaskets, and cylinder head gaskets. These gaskets serve as seals for the engine to prevent the uncontrolled escape of gases and pressure. Sealing the engine block assures optimal performance. The seals should be lightweight and heat resistant to withstand the extreme temperature and mechanical stress that the vehicle undergoes. Busted gaskets would mean loss in pressure, which can be directly translated into loss in power.

Losing power by losing pressure is easily preventable by using Percy's gaskets. Gases and pressure should be maintained at certain levels at specific times. For instance, during the power stroke, the explosive pressure of fuel combustion should be fully directed to the pistons to optimize power. However, if the gasket is broken, it will leak some amount of gas and pressure. A more serious result would be engine explosion. A tightly sealed engine is very important in racing to avert any accidents. Percy's windshield is another product that is superbly designed for racing. It is lightweight and flexible but very tough and clear. If you plan to improve the performance and safety of your race car, order Percy's performance accessories right here at Parts Train.