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Where there is liquid or air, there is always the possibility of leaks. And when those leaks happen in a specific auto part that is as crucial as the engine, you could be in for a big trouble. Overheating is but the simplest that you can experience. Even more serious than that, you could suffer from engine failure and a very expensive repair, not to say the total compromise of your driving performance. These scenarios make the head gasket a very important vehicle part. And, that's where Payen is focusing its attention.

This name is one of the leading brands under the Federal Mogul umbrella. It is the brand that the latter uses in the distribution of its gaskets and seals. Federal Mogul is one of the commonly heard names in the auto parts industry today, what with its more than century of experience and its wide line-up of parts-Payen is just one of the brands that it is using for a particular car part line-up. And other than gaskets for the cylinder head, the brand also carries gaskets for such parts as the crankcase and the oil pan.

Payen has gaskets made from different materials, each designed for a specific driving condition or demand. It offers multi-layer steel (MLS) gaskets, elastomer gaskets, and fiber gaskets. The first type of gaskets is characterized by being durable and rigid, providing a steady seal to all modern engines. Meanwhile, its elastomer gaskets are popular for the less clamping load that they require, thereby reducing sealing strain. And lastly, the fiber gaskets are great for micro-sealing and are known for their ease of use-they don't require the head bolts to be retightened. With all these materials, you can be sure you're covered whatever the sealing needs of your vehicle.

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