Pavement Ends Windshield Channel & Accessories

A windshield channel like the Pavement Ends windshield channel is required whenever you are installing bikini tops to your vehicle. There is no way you can install a bikini top or other vehicle tops on your vehicle without the use of this component. It is mainly responsible for holding your vehicle top at the windshield portion of your vehicle. It is basically a single aluminum casting, placed right above your vehicle windshield and held on by two screws or for some designs has nothing holding them, you only have to fasten them by using a specialized adhesive.

Every Pavement Ends windshield channel is always included with its right and exact bikini tops. In order to be sure for your installing process, always acquire the two components as one kit. If in case the windshield channel only needs a replacement and since these windshield channels and bikini tops combinations are not interchangeable, it is also essential that you check first the bikini top application before purchasing a new replacement windshield channel for it.

The best replacement for a windshield channel is no other than the Pavement Ends windshield channel. Pavement Ends is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bikini tops like the soft top, hardtops, and other accessories that can help in the installation process like for instance the windshield channel in the industry. As this is very important on your vehicle, visit us here at the Parts Train and browse our comprehensive online catalog for selection. All other Pavement Ends products are available for your easy online acquisition.