Pavement Ends Wind Screen & Accessories

Pavement Ends wind screen is the appropriate replacement to your stock wind screen. Generally, a wind screen or much known as windshield is the laminated glass in the front window of your vehicle, which is also the biggest and widest glass cover of your vehicle. Its main purpose is to protect you and other passenger as the vehicle's occupants from all harsh elements, could be the wind, temperature extremes, and flying debris such as dust, insects, and rocks. It also applied a UV coating to screen out harmful ultraviolet light.

Every Pavement Ends wind screen is well engineered in order to provide good aerodynamics to the front of your vehicle. The wind screen on your vehicle is not only a typical component, since it is also now considered as one of your vehicle safety features; that is why wind screen also performs a number of safety-related tasks. For instance, this wind screen can reduce the size and number of flying glass pieces during an accident, which may lessen the chance of injury to those inside the vehicle. It can also serve as a deflection panel whenever your passenger side airbag deploys. And with its good construction, it can provide structural support for your vehicle roof in the vent of a rollover accident.

Since safety is so important, you should take good care of your wind screen. Keep your wind screen clean at all times. Make sure that your windshield washer solvent reservoir is full so you can use the wipers to clear your view when driving. Minor wind screen damage such as chips and cracks can be repaired nowadays, but if such repairing process does not solve the problem, a complete windshield replacement is needed. Avail of it here at Parts Train.