Pavement Ends Car Parts & Accessories

Pavement Ends is a company that specializes in the manufacture of soft top and hard tops for off-road vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler, Tracker Vitara, CJ7, Sidekick, and Samurai. Most off-road vehicles, such as jeeps, are designed to be convertibles. The tops and sides can be removed to allow easy access. Being convertibles mean that equipment and passengers will have easy access to the vehicle. You can enjoy open air and have unimpeded view of the surrounding. Communing with nature is best achieved when you are riding a convertible jeep. However, when the weather is unfavorable, you may easily reinstall the tops of your vehicle. Most jeeps are covered with removable soft tops that are made from waterproof rubberized leather or waterproof fabric. These tops are resistant to heat and wind. They do not easily crack under extreme heat. On the other hand, their water proof surface will assure you that you will not get wet when it is raining.

Soft tops are available in different colors and configurations, depending on the vehicle model and your personal preference. Soft tops usually have transparent plastics as windshields. These transparent plastics are integrated to the body cover of the jeep. Soft tops do not strictly include the top parts or roof parts alone. They may also include side covers for the jeep. There are varieties of colors to choose from. However, there are three most popular colors that include black, brown and white. Dark colors such as brown are ideal for off-road driving on mountainous or forested regions. Getting dirty is not very much of a problem if the soft top of your jeep is of dark color. The dirt can perfectly blend with the color of the fabric. On the other hand, lighter color has the advantage of having the property to reflect heat. Hence, the interior of your jeep will be kept in relatively comfortable temperature.

Hard tops are more durable than soft tops. However, they are heavier. Heavier hard tops will add burden to the engine of your vehicle. However, hard tops are capable of giving you more protection. Hard tops obviously have better resistant against impacts such as rocks or logs rolling from hill sides. Here at Parts Train, you can conveniently order Pavement Ends products.