Painless Speed Sensor & Accessories

Painless speed sensor is the component you need if you want to improve the performance of your vehicle. This speed sensor is a great way to ramp up the performance of your fuel-injected system, particularly, which relies on accurate information in order to get the job done efficiently. This speed sensor is the component you need if you want to monitor your current speed. It automatically sends the details or information to your vehicle computer as to how fast your vehicle is traveling at the time of your driving.

Every Painless speed sensor is well engineered and designed to get or record the exact rate at which your vehicle crankshaft is spinning. This speed sensor is made up of a teethed metal disk that is basically mounted onto the crankshaft and a stationary detector that functions to cover a magnetic coil through which the current passes through. As these metal teeth begin moving past the coil, the magnetic field is likewise distracted and creates a wave of pulses in the current. Your vehicle computer then calculates the speed at which your engine is traveling through by means of the numbers of your crankshaft's rotation. These rotations determine the frequency of the pulses as created from the engine speed sensor.

Today's vehicles make use of this technology not only to monitor the vehicle speed, but as well as to monitor component position or rate of speed change on virtually any moving part of a vehicle. Typically, all speed sensors including the Painless speed sensor is mounted through the final reduction gear. This is in order for it to detect rotational speed of the final reduction gear where it bases the current speed of your vehicle. Acquire this here at Parts Train.