Painless Power Programmer & Accessories

Increasing the performance, horsepower, and torque of your vehicle with just a push of a button is possible with Painless power programmer. This power programmer is not just an ordinary power programmer that you typically find in the market. It is also much more than a tuning chip. More than that, it is an independent vehicle tuning computer. It is very powerful, but it is also very easy to employ or install on your vehicle.

Employing or installing this Painless power programmer onto your vehicle is very simple. You just have to plug it into the under dash diagnostic plug and answer a couple of questions by yes or no and let this power programmer do the rest. Whenever you connect this power programmer to your vehicle, it has a very comprehensive and smart program, which instantly recognizes your vehicle's powertrain by reading the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. The VIN includes the specific information of your vehicle engine, transmission, and drivetrain, which this power programmer decodes before it downloads its tuning program that can be used for your vehicle performance modification.

The Painless power programmer allows you to choose from its tuning program either regular octane or premium octane gasoline. Both of these options can truly improve the performance of your vehicle without detonation. After choosing your desired tuning program, it will automatically install the program and allows you to access and reprogram your vehicle's computer to function properly with the other components. Have this on your vehicle by visiting the Parts Train.