Painless Ignition Coil & Accessories

If you want to give your vehicle better starting performance, install the Painless ignition coil, which is one of the excellent performance ignition coils around. This coil gives a new definition to the word 'spark' since it is employed to your ignition system. An ignition coil is one of the most important elements on your vehicle ignition system. It entails the important job like converting the low-voltage of electrical current originating from your vehicle battery to extremely high-voltage current that is needed to create the spark that serves to initiate the internal combustion process, which powers your vehicle.

The standard voltage for your ignition spark is 12 volts but with this high performance Painless ignition coil, that number can be amplified to a level that may exceed 30,000 volts. This ignition coil also features a no spark plug gap and fire without fail. Consistent firing means a smoother running engine, greater power generation, and increased fuel economy. Every Painless ignition coil is made from heavy duty windings which can avoid or rather, prevent loss of performance of your vehicle at any speed, including of course its idle speeds.

With these features, this ignition coil can totally improve heat transfer and generate more energy. Installing this ignition coil from Painless can certainly give your vehicle engine a boost, whether you are using an old breaker point system or a newer system. Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, this Painless ignition coil can be employed or in other words it is available for your vehicle make and model. Finding this great component is easy and fast here at Parts Train.