Painless Fuel Injection Wiring Harness & Accessories

A new Painless fuel injection wiring harness includes everything you need to connect your system, such as the comprehensive instruction manual that includes a complete list of all parts required, to your vehicle component numbers. Each of this requires the use of an unmodified, specific part number of your vehicle computer. This harness is the one you need whenever you are unto repairing or modifying your vehicle performances. It will also give a better and organized representation of the inside auto parts of your vehicle, specifically the fuel injection system.

The Painless fuel injection wiring harness includes an OEM-quality replacement harness that can be used to retrofit your vehicle fuel injection. Each of the Painless harness features a correct color-coded wiring and proper connectors for each application installed on both ends. It is also sold complete with easy-to-follow instructions and a list of the sensors, computer, and relays required for installation. To be more specific, Painless products are designed to be a direct replacement to your original but worn out part regardless of what type and model your vehicle is. In addition, Painless also produced some custom wiring harness for some vehicles that undergone from some sort of modifications on their dimensions and requirements.

This fuel injection wiring harness of Painless is designed and can work well to the vehicles equipped with competition fuel injection or CFI and to the standard or HEI ignition. All of Painless harnesses are engineered for quick and easy installation. Have a complete selection for this performance auto part through the complete line of auto parts and accessories of the Parts Train. All other Painless performance products are available here and even other top brands. Whatever you are looking for, you are assured to find it here in less the time.