Painless Courtesy Light Kit & Accessories

Are you looking for a quality light kit to light your way and increase your safety and performance in your vehicle down the road? Painless courtesy light kit offers all these for your vehicle, regardless of your vehicle type, model, and make. This kit mounted on your vehicle can brighten the road ahead of you by using twin dependable halogen bulbs for focused illumination and greater range. Plus, each bulb is surrounded by LED rings providing a unique halo effect. The total package omits a cool blue glow for added range, safety, and style. The light kit is comprised of 2 lights, heavy-duty mounting brackets, a pre-assembled deluxe wiring harness, and an in-cab switch for simple installation.

Every Painless courtesy light kit is designed to improve the style of your vehicle lighting assembly. With its halogen bulb driving lights they can truly brighten the road ahead with a wider, longer range than hi-beams. Each light is surrounded by LED lighting rings and these lights are contained in heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housings. This light kit also allows you for an easy addition of practical add-on lights such as the fog lights, which can really improve your safety while driving in heavy mist or other bad conditions.

A light kit like the Painless courtesy light kit is also an important component on your vehicle; this is why it is necessary to make sure it is working as it should be. If your stock lights needs a replacement, this light kit is just exactly what you need. When searching for a reliable and dependable light kit, you can never go wrong with the quality courtesy light kit of Painless. Visiting us here at Parts Train will help you find our complete listing of the great products of Painless.