Painless AC Wiring Harness & Accessories

Do you need a good replacement for your original but worn out AC wiring harness? If you do, there is a great and reliable component that can match the effective working of your original unit; this is no other than the Painless AC wiring harness. Painless is one of the well known and respected makers of automotive electrical products. Its products make it easier for you to enjoy the insides of your cabin, especially on extreme hotter seasons.

Your vehicle's stock AC wiring harness is only as good as the common electrical wire that is designed for vehicle use and you frequently find on most auto pars store. That is why Painless make or developed an AC wiring harnesses that are made only in the highest quality wire available, like the thermal cross-linked (TXL) polyethylene wire rated to 275 degrees at 600 volts. This TXL wire has twice the voltage rating of standard general purpose (GPT) wire. It can deliver performance on demand in high performance applications. Plus, it will not kink and is abrasion resistant, making it much easier to route.

Practically, wiring harnesses are not easy to install but Painless AC wiring harness as the name implies, it does make it painless to install with comprehensive easy-to-understand instructions. With its organized, well marked wiring design, and superior performance durability even in extreme applications, every Painless wiring harness is designed for easy installation. These are manufactured and designed by professional engineers using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and AUTOCAD for accuracy, consistency in manufacturing, and aesthetic values. All of Painless harnesses are pre-tested under real-world conditions to ensure reliability. Acquire one of these heavy-duty products from painless at the complete line of auto parts and accessories of the Parts Train.