Painless Car Parts & Accessories

Painless refers to the brand and the company that manufactures automobile wire harnesses for racing and off-road applications. This company was founded in 1990 with the simple business idea about a simplified method of wiring a street vehicle to convert it to race vehicle. Since then, the company has evolved into multi-faceted venture. Today, it manufactures over 500 different products for show cars, race cars, off-road vehicles, rock crawlers, and others. With its initial success in selling wiring harness to participants of the 1990 Pate Swap Meet in Cresson, Texas, the company began scaling the ladder of success. The company was still known then as the Perfect Performance Products. Because of the initial success of the company, the word soon spread about the quality of the wire harness product and the simplicity of its installation.

Automotive magazines began writing editorials about the new product. In 1991, an article in Hot Rod Mechanix Magazine reviewed the new product. The article ended with the sentence: This is really painless wiring. The phrase painless wiring caught on with the readers. Thus the company, change its name to Painless Wiring. The growth of the company over the next few years was nothing short of being phenomenal. Because of the large volume of orders, the company realized that it cannot anymore efficiently build automotive wire harnesses one at a time for direct selling to the customers. Thus, a national distribution network was organized to handle the growing demand. Painless products became nationally available in auto parts chain stores, warehouse distributors, independent retailer stores, and mail order outfits.

Painless automotive wire harness is an electrical component that connects the sensors, ignition components, and computer together. Painless wire harness is simple and convenient to install. It eliminates cluttering and tangled look under the hood. In modifying street car to become race cars or off-road car, it is necessary to add some performance accessories such as turbochargers and nitrous oxide engine boosters. Correspondingly, sensors should also be installed to constantly monitor the functions of the different components. All of the electronic accessories and sensors must be connected to the onboard computer. It would be a messy tangled collection of wires. Fortunately, Painless Wiring has simplified the process. If your need a Painless Wiring harness, you can directly order it here at Parts Train.