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The more your driving speed, the more braking power you need to counter this speed. And when it comes to braking power, you must focus on friction. And when talking about friction production, your primary consideration should be your brake pads. Look for pads that are capable of handling even the most stringent braking demands. Try the pads offered by Pagid. These pads are specifically built for use in motorsport, and they're very capable of handling demanding situations.

Pagid is well known as a company that offers a wide range of brake pads, boasting of excellence in terms of pad material formulation and backing plate design. The manufacturer uses nine different compounds in the production of the friction materials incorporated in its brake pads. These materials offer an edge over other components because they have high content of ceramic. Therefore, they are more resistant to heat compared to other pads. Then, these materials are incorporated into the backing plate through processes like adhesive bonding and mechanical retention. Both of these processes guarantee that the friction material will adhere to the backing plate no matter how strenuous the braking demands of your ride.

And to ensure that your vehicle's braking system will always remain in top shape, you need to take care of the brakes and to practice proper braking habits-getting a high-quality Pagid pad set is not enough. First, don't brake too hard. This wears on the pads' friction materials fast, and frequent replacement can be expensive. Second, keep your brake pad wear sensor in good shape. This sensor is designed to alert you when the friction materials on your pads have gone too thin, telling you that a replacement is already needed. And third, don't allow the pads to go too thin until the metal backing already scratches the rotors. This can cause intensive rotor damage and lead to poor braking.

And now that you know all these, it's time you get top-of-the-line pads from Pagid. Try our catalog at Parts Train! We have a complete selection of brake parts, together with performance components and auto accessories. All these are offered at prices that are within your budget, so don't hesitate to shop for them anytime.