Pacesetter X Pipe & Accessories

If you are looking for a great and reliable X pipe like the Pacesetter X Pipe, then you have come to the right place. This X-Pipe is the perfect complement to your vehicle cut-back systems. This pipe is a kind off-road pipe that uses a free-flowing mandrel-bent tubing and a genuine X crossover to provide a significant horsepower increase over your restrictive stock cat pipes. Pacesetter X pipe features an exclusive three-piece design for incomparable flexibility and ease of installation. Get your Pacesetter X pipe today.

Typically, an X pipe is named after its shape. It is designed to replace the stock H pipe that you see on the underbelly of your vehicle. Both the H pipe and the X pipe connect the headers with the twin exit pipes on your vehicle. The difference between the two is that the X pipe's shape allows you to get some extra horsepower out of your engine. X pipe represents a significant step forward in exhaust design. The great thing about this X pipe is its precision-bent and welded pipe angles, which are less abrupt than to the H-pipe. With a more wide-open path, X pipe encourages more power and yet reduces unwanted noise. As for the range of lifespan, the X pipe last long than the H pipe. Every Pacesetter X Pipe is well constructed in very reliable materials such as stainless steel that can resists corrosion for years.

When you have decided to change your stock H pipe for an X pipe, pick the Pacesetter X pipe here at your trusted Parts Train. For even better results, we also offer other high performance aftermarket auto parts products to match your upgraded X pipe, whatever make and model you posses. Visit us now and make a difference on your automobile.