Pacesetter Down Pipe & Accessories

If you want your vehicle to have the performance that you are dreaming of but do not have sufficient budget for it, you can just upgrade your vehicle's exhaust system. Upgrading such systems means to install high performance components such as muffler, catalytic converter, carburetor and other exhaust components. And for this you can have the Pacesetter down pipe.

Every vehicle's exhaust system is composed mainly of piping devices that help the exhaust gas flow freely out of the vehicle. There are many exhaust pipes in the market as your vehicle can have the balance pipe or the H-pipe, the Y-pipe and others. But most of the exhaust components as they are composed of pipes are subject to deterioration. One good example is the down pipe. As there are many components in your vehicle's exhaust system, it is necessary that they should be connected with the exhaust manifold through a single pipe link which is known as the down pipe. But as a pipe, it is also subject to damages brought by rust and other contaminants. That is why you should have a good quality down pipe such as the Pacesetter down pipe.

This down pipe from Pacesetter is perfect for racing application as it is coated with ceramic materials. It is made from 16-gauge, 3 inch mandrel bent tubing that can result to maximum flow. Its joints are made from T-304 stainless steel flex for durability. You can easily install this pipe on your vehicle as it comes complete with bolts and other mounting components.

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