Pacesetter Cold Air Intake & Accessories

Many car owners want to upgrade their vehicles' performance but do not know where to start. Being familiar with your vehicle's different systems is a must so that you know which one affects vehicle performance. An example is the cold air intake system. The engine depends on a balanced mixture of air and fuel for an efficient combustion process. To increase engine power, you need to lower the temperature of air that enters your car. This is where the cold air intake comes into play. The cold air intake delivers to your throttle body larger quantities of cooler and denser air at increased velocity. It increases the amount of oxygen available for combustion with fuel. In a given volume, cooler air is denser and contains more oxygen.

The Pacesetter cold air intake squeezes every bit of power from your engine. It ensures that more oxygen is used for fuel burning. This results in great fuel savings because your car gets more power from every drop and therefore consumes less fuel. The cold air intake also boosts your vehicle's horsepower and extends the engine's lifespan. A performance cold air intake system easily replaces your car's airbox and stock air filter. It has a metal or plastic tube that directs to a conical air filter. This increases the air intake volume, which results in a performance boost. The large diameter of the tubes is responsible for the increase in airflow.

The materials used for the Pacesetter cold air intake include plastic, metal, and silicone rubber. Other cold air intake systems use a combination of two or more materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar. However, these materials do not wholly affect the cold air intake's ability to deliver cool air. To get higher amounts of cooler air, it is important that the air filter has a bigger surface area than stock paper filters for drawing air in.

Your stock cold air intake system can be upgraded to get the optimum performance you are want for your car. Get a Pacesetter cold air intake from Parts Train and you can enjoy fuel economy and a noticeable boost in your vehicle's throttle response.