Pacesetter Balance Pipe & Accessories

One of the important systems within any vehicle is the exhaust system as it is the one that dispose the waste materials which are the result of the combustion process. Such wastes are harmful to your vehicle's engine components and may be detrimental to your health. And one thing that you must be sure of is the well being of the exhaust components such as the muffler, the carburetor and all the pipes that comprised such system. As this system is mostly composed of pipes, there will come a time when it will be damaged because of the rust. And so it is necessary to have a good replacement part for your vehicle's exhaust system such as the Pacesetter Balance Pipe.

One of the components of your vehicle and is also present with other vehicle is the carburetor. It is a device that vaporizes fuel and mixes it with air in proper quantities and proportions to address the different needs of the engine. It comes with a filter that screens the air which is drawn into the carburetor. Depending on the specifications of your vehicle, it may have two or more carburetor to which a balance pipe is needed. This pipe is task to join two or more carburetors to make even the flow difference. And if your vehicle does not have one, you can try the Pacesetter balance pipe.

The Pacesetter balance pipe is great to be on your vehicle as it is made from 2 ½ aluminum mandrel bent tubing. It can fit your vehicle's stock manifold or shorty headers. This pipe is perfect for racing application as it will surely boost your vehicle's performance. In the market, this pipe is often sold individually.

Having the proper components in your vehicle's exhaust system is a must as they help in the proper disposal of your vehicle's waste materials and can even boost your vehicle's performance. For this purpose, you can have the Pacesetter balance pipe which is available here at Parts Train.