Pace Edwards Car Parts & Accessories

Pace Edwards is a company that specializes in the manufacture of truck accessories that include bed covers and liners, wheel flares, bed rail covers, and stainless steel running board steps. Pace Edwards has been manufacturing truck accessories for almost two decades now. Its various products are recognized for high quality and innovative designs. It is an industry leader when it comes to tonneau covers. Pace Edwards tonneau designs include the spring-activated and electric retractable hard tonneau covers. The company manufactures highly recognized brands of tonneau covers, namely, the BedLocker, Electric Tonneau, the Spring-Activated Retractable Tonneau, the JackRabbit and the Roll-Top-Cover Manual Tonneau. Aside from tonneau covers, Pace Edwards also have other product lines that include ToolTop, PowerGate, Visor Shelf-It and many others.

Tonneau covers are still the bestselling products of Pace Edwards. Tonneasu covers are rubberized leather covers that serve as protection for the truck bed. A tonneau cover prevents rain, leaves, snow, mud and other debris from settling or accumulating inside the truck bed. Any debris or water that may be retained in the truck bed will cause the early deterioration of the metal surface of the truck bed. Most tonneau covers are retractable in the scroll-over fashion. The scroll-over design is the most common. It is the simplest design. The tonneau scroll has a spring that allows the tonneau to be rolled automatically when the lock is released. This type of design also depends on a sealed rail frame that runs along the top edges of the truck bed.

Another popular product of pace Edwards is the running board steps. Running boards are common in bigger vehicles such as trucks and sports utility vehicles. Bigger vehicles usually have bigger wheels, making these vehicles taller than other vehicles. Mounting them is relatively less convenient. Hence, extra step aid is necessary to easily climb a truck or SUV. An extra step aid functions similar to a ladder. It provides extra step. A running board is precisely the accessory needed in providing extra step. Pace Edwards running boards are typically constructed out of reinforced aluminum. If you are looking for truck Pace Edwards truck accessories, Parts Train is the one-stop online shop for your search.