PPG Auto Glass Windshield Molding & Accessories

In the aftermarket industry, PPG Auto Glass is considered the glass expert. The company's 126-year experience in plate glass production makes it one of the most reliable auto glass brands in the market. But other than windshields and mirrors, PPG Auto Glass also specializes in windshield molding. And just like the brand's windshield and mirror glass, the PPG Auto Glass windshield molding is designed to bring benefits to you and your vehicle.

Made from flexible yet sturdy rubber, the PPG Auto Glass windshield molding is a strip installed along the edges of the vehicle's windshield glass. It primarily keeps the windshield firmly in place while sealing the gap between the glass and the frame, preventing elements such as moisture and dust from getting into the passenger compartment. The windshield molding also acts as the windshield's shock absorber so that it won't rattle when you hit bumpy roads. To make sure that its windshield molding effectively does all that, PPG Auto Glass crafted its windshield molding using advanced technology that ensures zero product defects and long-lasting shape memory. As you must know, having such durability in a windshield molding is especially useful during rainy-day driving, since it ensures that your vehicle's interior stays dry and comfortable. And speaking of comfort, the PPG Auto Glass windshield molding has a hassle-free installation. It already comes with a cowl fastener kit or a molding clip kit that will let you fit the molding easily.

PPG Auto Glass offers a variety of windshield moldings for you to choose from. Its windshield molding is ideal for application on either the front or rear windshields. But whatever type of vehicle you drive, be it a sedan, a pickup truck or an SUV, you can definitely get a premium PPG Auto Glass windshield molding perfect for your ride. So let the days of getting wet during rainy-day driving be gone. Don't hesitate to replace your cracked and holey windshield molding with one from PPG Auto Glass. PPG Auto Glass is among the brands Parts Train recommends for auto owners and builders alike. And since we care about your satisfaction, Parts Train offers PPG Auto Glass products at the most reasonable prices online.