PPG Auto Glass Mirror Glass & Accessories

Among the most fragile components in your vehicle are those made from glass. And we're not just talking about the front and rear windshields here. Your vehicle's mirrors should be given importance, too. They may not do much at improving your vehicle's performance, but the mirrors are vital in maintaining road visibility and safety. So once your vehicle's mirrors start bearing signs of damage, don't hesitate to look for replacements. For this, there's the PPG auto mirror glass.

One of the most reliable replacements for damaged OE mirror glass, the PPG auto mirror glass comes from a company that's been mass-producing high-quality plate glass since 1883. PPG, or the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, has a 126-year track record that makes it one of the most well-known and trustworthy glass manufacturers in the industry. No wonder, unlike other aftermarket mirror glasses, the PPG auto mirror glass is engineered to provide maximum visibility of the areas around your vehicle. The mirror glass' surface features an anti-glare design that minimizes blind spots. Blind spots and mirror glares pose a serious threat to your driving safety, since these problems affect your view of the road. Each mirror glass from PPG is designed and tested to be as eye-friendly as possible to make it easier for you to check out your vehicle's surroundings. But aside from that, the PPG auto mirror glass is easy to install, too. You can use adhesives such as glue or adhesive tape to attach the auto mirror glass to your vehicle's mirror frames. Whether you use this aftermarket mirror glass for side or rearview mirrors, you're guaranteed to enjoy PPG's trademark durability.

Never compromise safety on the road. After all, you share the road with other motorists. So when your vehicle's mirrors get broken or become too scratched to reflect the road properly, and you don't want to throw the whole mirror assembly yet, simply replace their glass with the PPG auto mirror glass. Now if you want to make sure that you get the best deals on PPG products, trust no other online store but Parts Train. Our catalogs feature a wide selection of PPG products at pocket-friendly prices.