PPG Auto Glass Car Parts & Accessories

Whether you need a new side or rear view mirror, PPG Auto Glass is one brand you can always count on. A reliable manufacturer of automotive glass surfaces, this brand has been in the industry since the late 19th century. Over the years, it has established itself as a reputable name when it comes to durable, affordable, and direct-fit auto glass parts. Today, more and more car owners are relying on this brand whenever they need to replace a busted windshield, side view, or rear view mirror.

Despite the presence of so many other brands that offer replacement car glass parts, PPG Auto Glass continues to stand apart from the rest because of its commitment to going beyond customers' expectations. Each replacement part is manufactured using the same equipment and quality control measures they use for OE parts. This is why products from this brand look and feel just like the original parts while offering the same safety and optical quality standards as stock components do.

Using direct-fit parts as replacements also means a hassle-free installation. There's nothing more frustrating than installing a new car glass part and then finding out just then and there that it won't fit. With a PPG Auto glass product, you're sure that it has been tested to match OE specs, ensuring a snug fit. To maintain its reputation as one of the leading auto glass parts brands in the industry, it also continues to invest in the right people, resources, and facilities. It has actually updated its facilities and equipment to provide more innovative products and better customer service. You can expect nothing but better products and services from PPG Auto Glass as it continues to manufacture cutting-edge glass parts.

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