PIAA Wiper Blade & Accessories

Since the 1960s, PIAA Corporation has established itself as one of the leading manufacturer of Wiper Blade, Wiper Relays. In order to get a clear view of the road, the windshield must always be kept clean of dirt and water. PIAA Wiper Blade, Wiper Relays are designed to be aerodynamically shaped to attain a tight fit against the window, even if the car is going at tremendous speed. By having a firm hold, it eliminates missed spots, smudging, and smearing. They also have steel frames that are powder coated to avoid the occurrence of corrosion, warping, and bending. They even project quiet sound movements that are barely audible.

One great product is the PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay that employs a silicon wiper insert. This type of wiper insert is made from silicon rubber, and highly capable of giving clear road visibility by means of the silicone coating on the windshield. During heavy downpour of rain, the water beads into droplets that can be eliminated by standard wiping. This is during low-speed travel, but during high-speed travel there is no need to use the Wiper Blade, Wiper Relays because the wind velocity simply drives the water away. The silicone is automatically replaced by new coatings every time you use the wiper.

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