PIAA P-4000 Quattro Fog Light & Accessories

One of the fastest growing hobbies that most car owners and car enthusiasts alike are getting hooked to is modifying the looks, performance, and safety of their precious vehicles. Wanting to stand out on the road, everyone is trying to put a piece of their personal touch to create a unique vehicle that would impress onlookers on high ways and when driving around towns and stuffs like that. But if there's one good reason why you'd want to restyle your automotive, it would be agreeable if you'll be able to do this with safety as the top most priority above all. Besides a skillful driving ability, one would rely greatly on the automotives light for safety during dark night rides, or bad weather drives. In other words, no matter how good you are in maneuvering and stuffs like that, if you can't see where you're going, you'll end up crashing on to things which will make you look like you never knew the right way to drive.

Since these lights are your best buddy's when you're in dark or poor visibility circumstances, giving priority to it is simply similar to giving a hell lot of care about your safety on the road as well. The basic lights that you'll find in your car include the headlights, tail lights, corner lights, and the lights inside your car's cabin. To further improve the lighting ability of your vehicle, you can add on light accessories that are useful for your automotive not only as an added appearance. However you can all do this in one blow. You can add visibility through your lights, enhance your vehicles appearance and have multi function equipment in just one move. How? Add on a PIAA P-4000 Quattro Fog Light on your auto.

The PIAA P-4000 Quattro Fog Light is an example of a quality multi functions light that you'd want your truck or SUV to have. It is designed to have two large main beams having over sized reflectors and two marker bulbs that are stacked vertically in between the two large lamps. These lamps contain bulb types like the Xtreme White for driving, Plasm Ion Yellow for the low beam auxillary, a Plasma Ion Yellow for the Upper Marker and a Super White for the Lower Marker. Here at Parts Train, you can avail this multi functional PIAA P-4000 Quattro Fog Light and all other PIAA light accessories, replacement and spare.