PIAA P-3000 Tri Beam Fog Light & Accessories

Driving your car doesn't require a certain time or day to do so. When you need to be somewhere, you'll go there any time you are wanted or needed. In other words, you are not a hundred percent sure that you'll only be driving during the day right? And bad weathers can make the road a little blurry and less visible making it seem like its dark and things like that. With this reason, the best friends that will guarantee your safety through these circumstances are your automotive lights. Lights are what illuminate the tracks you're driving on during the night, and along weathers that causes low visibility. These lights also make your presence on the road known by other motorists including high way onlookers. When you can see the road and others know where you are, there's a bigger percentage of avoiding collisions and accidents of similar instances.

Aside from the lights that you find in your vehicle, you can add on a few more light equipments that not only serve as an accessory, but as additional illumination as well. Your automobile contains the basic lights that it needs in order for you to drive safely. You have there the headlights, tail lights, corner lights, and the interior dome's lights. The headlights found on your car's front fascia are the ones lightening the road you are driving on. It is equipped with two types of beam: high beam and low beam. The high beam is a lengthy distant focus light used to see way ahead, and should be switched down to the low beam light to avoid blinding the driver on the opposite lane approaching you and this is also used similar to the purpose of the fog lights. However, to improve visibility, you can always add on a couple more lights as mentioned earlier.

The P-3000 Tri Beam is probably one of the best products the PIAA had ever made. It is a revolutionary patented Tri-Beam design that represents the most advanced reflector technology that only PIAA can perfect. PIAA's P-3000 Tri Beam is one of the first few lights that has a multi functional beam featuring a Plasma Ion Driving, Xtreme White Spot, and Plasma Ion Marker. It's 3 in 1 functionality from PIAA will work greatly if you are planning to have the convenience of the three types of lights in one case. To avail this one of a kind innovative design, you can find it here at Parts Train. Parts Train is the place reserved only for the highest quality made products in the industry.