PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Bulb & Accessories

The automotive lights importance is greatly appreciated during night time driving, foul weathers that cause low visibility on the road, and similar instances. We cannot avoid not using our auto's lights because it is not like you only get to use your vehicle during the day alone, right? And unfavorable weather conditions come naturally and we have to be always prepared for it. Without automotive lights functioning properly at times like this, we get to both improve our view as the driver and other's ability to see us during these circumstances. You can further enhance this by replacing your light bulbs with a PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Bulb, especially when your old factory ones are busted or is close to needing replacement.

The PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Bulb is one of the newest makes of PIAA that produces a purple low beam light and an Xtreme White high beam light. Its headlamp's top is tinted with purple too so the lamp still looks purple even when turned off. This is one good way in restyling the appearance of your vehicle while improving your visibility. Do not let the purple color deceive you into thinking that this may affect the quality of the light produced, on the contrary, the light that this light bulb produces a brighter light output than most standard halogen bulbs there is. It is sealed in high quality, heat resistant glass tube and the ring is welded, focused and properly positioned to give that quality beam you need for the driving safety. Since it is made by PIAA, then you are sure that these came from a really tough quality processing and are tested to give you 100% satisfaction, leaving nothing to chance. The Xtra technology that it features provides a bulb that gives off a maximum light output greater than its rated power consumption. For an H4 bulb, it is made with 55 to 60 watts and creates a light output of 100 to 110 watts.

To get that close to HID light quality, you can make do with a PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X Bulb that you can easily find here at Parts Train. Here you are guaranteed that what you are getting are quality, original, and durable products that will suit your desires for good.