PIAA H4 Star White Bulb & Accessories

Busted bulb in automotive lights is one car problem that should not be taken for granted. The automotive lights, each of it, from the headlights, down to the tail lights, including the interior dome lights, carries a role in the over all performance of the vehicle especially when it is really needed. We would greatly feel the importance of these automotive lights in the usual night time rides, and during really awful weathers that causes very bad visibility. Busted light bulbs can be replaced by quality made ones to insure better performance and longer life.

Famous for its quality performance, the PIAA offers bulbs and other light equipments that will surely give you that light need satisfaction. Take the PIAA H4 Star White Bulb for example. Since it is a product of PIAA, you're assured that it carries the renowned traits of a PIAA product. It underwent critical processing with scientific engineers carefully designing it to create exacting specifications that utilizes the latest in computer aided technology and uses only highest grade materials selected by the PIAA team which is tested meticulously before it is manufactured into the shops. The PIAA H4 Star White Bulb produces a greater light output than its rated power consumption. It is made with 60 or 55 watts and produces a light output of up to 110 or 100 watts, and because it features the Xtra technology character, its light output is crisper and brighter than ever. The PIAA products, especially this light bulb are street legal in 50 states including Canada, so there's really no reason why you wouldn't give in to the qualities that the H4 Star White Bulb offers.

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