PIAA H3 Xtreme White Plus Bulb & Accessories

The headlights, tail lights, corner lights, including the interior lights found in our autos each plays its own role in keeping the driver's visibility perfect and the vehicle well lighted for the awareness of the other motorists on the road. Their use is greatly felt during the usual nightly drives and in low visibility weather conditions. The common problem that we usually encounter in connection to these lights are when the bulbs become busted affecting our driving performance. With busted bulbs, and malfunctioning auto lights, there is a greater percentage of getting into an untoward collisions and the like. This is the same with regards to your fog lights, which is very important during bad weather conditions and very low visibility.

For your fog light bulbs replacement, and other bulbs needs, PIAA is the brand that you should take in consideration for your choices. PIAA is known for their quality products and you are assured that they have engineered their bulbs to give you 100% satisfaction and performance. PIAA H3 Xtreme White Plus Bulb is one of PIAA's pride when it comes to superb quality output, this is available for headlights, running lights, turn signal lights, side marker lights and even for your interior dome lights. The PIAA H3 White Plus Bulb projects a cool white light that comes really close to that of an expensive high intensity discharge lights. This too features the known Xtra technology and its light output is greater than its rated power consumption: for this H3 bulb, the 55 watts produces 85 watts of light output. You can match this with your headlights and accessory lights to give it that unified appearance, and are street legal in 50 states.

PIAA H3 Xtreme White Plus Bulbs halogen and driving light bulbs are available for your need here at Parts Train. We believe in the combined technology that the PIAA offer and we too offers the same superb quality in all our car parts to assure customer satisfaction.