PIAA H3 Star White Bulb & Accessories

The automotive lights plays an important role in our usual night time drives because it is the one responsible for lighting up our paths so we would be able to see where we're going. Without a proper functioning light, which consists of the headlights, tail lights and corner lights, we are putting our lives at risk to whatever collision incidents it could instantly cause. The headlights brighten up the road so we would be able to avoid bumping into anything. The tail lights is what informs the drivers from behind us that we're in front of them, and the corner lights signals the other motorists when we are to make a turn on a corner ahead. When one of the bulbs from these lights is busted, it is a must to replace them with a fully functional one, and it would be better if the replacement part is made of really high quality that could give our auto lights a better performance, most especially if we are talking about the headlights.

When quality is the issue, you are for sure to get satisfaction if the bulb that you get is made by PIAA. PIAA products are known to undergo the latest computer aided technology in the engineering process which also includes materials that are assured to contain the highest grade and are meticulously selected of the use in all PIAA outputs. Take the PIAA H3 Star White Bulbs for example, like all the rest of PIAA's products, this bulb features the exclusive XTRA technology that makes a crisper and whiter light output that is street legal in 50 states including Canada. The bulbs are made to produce a greater light output than its rated power consumption. The PIAA H3 Star White Bulbs has 55 watts in it but offers 85 watts of light output for instance.

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