PIAA 940 Twin Beam Fog Light & Accessories

Visibility is usually correlated to safety, which is definitely a fact. Knowing that you have a clear view ahead and other driver from the cars around you notices your presence on the road gives you a larger chance of avoiding probable car crash accidents and similar mishaps. The automotive lights that are built with the automotive plays a significant role in keeping this safety at hand, by having this lights illuminating the road ahead for a better visibility even on rough weathers with the use of low beam lights and fog lights, driving is made with ease and confidence. Fog lights are usually add ons that you can get from most automotive part dealers around. They are often installed a little lower than the low beam headlamps and its light like the low beam lights, are directed downwards to avoid blinding the oncoming vehicle's driver.

However, wouldn't it be nice if you can have both the driving light and the fog light in one case alone? This will make installation and style a lot more convenient and shifting from driving and fog light instantly could work greatly during swift changes on the driving conditions that the ride could offer. Now, with PIAA 940 Twin Beam Fog Light, this easy, quick, and efficient shift is very possible. This PIAA 940 Twin Beam Fog Light set up is a combination of a fog and driving lamp in the same housing therefore installing it is very simple. It has a one piece reflector and a dedicated fog and driving pattern making its performance very reliable. Its make is done with a die cast aluminum construction that is finished with a black powder coating making it rust free in most severe conditions for life.

Parts Train carries this PIAA 940 Twin Beam Fog Light and all of PIAA's products in our catalog of top of the line parts. PIAA is known for its engineering and performance so you won't regret equipping your car with these lights.