PIAA 940 Dual System Fog Light & Accessories

Adding automotive lights, like fog lights is one of the best choice of accessories that you can think about if you are planning to modify your vehicle. Lights play a very significant role in illuminating the road ahead during night time drives. With a properly working light too, you get to shift from high beam to low beam during unfavorable weather conditions that requires low beam lights. The additional fog light too can greatly help the low beam lights job in lighting the path for your visibility. Fog lights and low beam headlights are both lights that are designed to give a more focused beam directed a little downward than the high beam light. The high beam headlamp's light is most likely to disperse on dense fogs and water that's why the low beam light and fog lights are very important for instances like this.

A more convenient option that we can very much benefit from is having a light that is a combination of a fog light and a driving lamp in the same housing. With this option at hand, it makes shifting from driving lamp and fog lamp very simple and handy. This feature is actually offered in the PIAA 940 Dual System Fog Light series. It is equipped with amber fog lights, with clear driving light containing a 12V H3 55 watt bulb. The kit is complete with an easy to install wiring harness, switch, and relay and is contained in a black powder coated aluminum housing that is certified to be corrosive and rust free for a very long time in the most severe conditions.

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