PIAA 9000 Series Xtreme White Plus Bulb & Accessories

Our automotive lights are one of the most important parts of our cars especially during night drives and very low visibility circumstances such as bad weathers, foggy mornings and the like. Like they say, safety comes when you can see where you are going. Common sense, which is very much true isn't it? Accidents usually happen when you cannot see where you are going or that you are about to hit something because of poor light. Now, whether out of the normal light wear, or an improper use of light, or short circuiting inside your engine's electrical systems and all that, your automotive lights could just get busted in an instant. The only choice you have to keep the visibility safety at hand is to replace the busted bulb at once.

PIAA 9000 Series Xtreme White Plus Bulb is one of PIAA's stylish bulbs that you can try and install in your automotive light in replacement to the busted one. This bulb has a blue top coat that adds a slight blue tint on the lamp and still give it that outstanding performance that a PIAA product is known to carry. The PIAA 9000 Series Xtreme White Plus comes in four distinct types: 9004, 9005, 9006 and 9007. All of which are manufactured in compliance with the Department of Transportation and Society of Automotive Engineers specification so you know it is legal in most states. To know more about fitting this to your automotive, you can check out PIAA's Application Guide.

All of PIAA's lighting product line ups, from fog lights, down to the bulbs, are offered widely here at Parts Train where we support only top of the line products that are meant to give you satisfaction guaranteed performance. This includes this PIAA 9000 Series Xtreme White Plus Bulb, plus its optional types available.