PIAA 580 Series Fog Light & Accessories

Fog lights are among the best accessories you should prefer when thinking about add ons for your automotive. For the serious drivers, safety is one of the most considered issue, and by adding fog lights, that is taken into account greatly. Fog lights also carries different makes in them, but mostly, the very reason of having fog lights installed on your car is to give you better illumination especially on adverse weather circumstances such as a foggy moment, or a rainy and snowy season including dusty instances and alike that offers very poor visibility.

Fog lights are installed just below your headlights and acts as reinforcement to the low beam headlamps, directed to a lower direction to avoid blinding the oncoming vehicles on the opposite lane. One of the best reliable sources of quality headlights come from PIAA's lineup. Speaking of quality fog lights, you should try putting on a PIAA 580 Series Fog Light on your automotive. When it's from PIAA, you'll know that it's durable and effective. This type of series fog lights are specifically designed for mid sized to full sized trucks and SUVs of today. Having PIAA's XTRA technology, this is extremely powerful and provides a 135 watt performance coming from an 85 watt bulb. This is available in two types, the Xtreme White Driving style and the Xtreme White Fog option. The blue hue form the Xtreme White technology of PIAA provides a very fashionable and high performance light end result. The entire kit contains relay, switch, and heavy duty wiring harnesses especially suited for the handling of the high wattage bulbs.

Parts Train carries all of PIAA's products including of course this PIAA 580 Series Fog Lights option that features a black aluminum or chrome housing, mesh style cover. This will not only give you a brighter visibility, it will enhance your car's appearance in the process as well.