PIAA 550 Series Fog Light & Accessories

Whether you are a serious driver or a plain highway cruiser, one should know the importance of fog lights for safety. Fog lights are installed mostly just below your headlamps. This provides a wider light dispersion pattern perfect on lighting down low and to the sides of the vehicle giving you a brighter view on adverse conditions without blinding you or the driver from the opposite lane. Most fog lights come having the same range as that of the low beam light since it is used actually in conjunction with this headlamp. Fog lights are recommended for those who are more likely to drive around dark rural places where fogs are common, and works great during rainy or snowy seasons.

PIAA fog lights are one of the best lights in the industry. PIAA is known for the quality of their lighting equipments and the options that they offer. One great product that they have is the PIAA 550 Series Fog Lights which shares almost the same features with the PIAA 525 type yet this one comes in a larger package of having 8 inches in diameter. It is equipped with PIAA's new high impact, weather resistant connectors and utilizes a yellow top H4 bulb combined with a super white wedge bulb, plasma ion lens and a stylish lens cover and protector. It creates a soft amber glow and is also available in a plasma ion high and low driving option. With fog lights installed on your vehicle, you are assured of a clear view ahead giving you that comfortable safety feel along the drive.

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