PIAA 1400 Series Fog Light & Accessories

At night time and low visibility instances, our best friend that we rely on so badly are our automotives light sets. From the headlights down to the tail lights, and all the rest, these are significant in illuminating our road ahead and the vehicle as well for the benefit of the other motorists. Generally, high beam headlights diffracts on dense fogs and water so this isn't helpful during rainy or low visibility foggy moments. This circumstance requires the need for the low beam light. However, you can still add on a couple more lights to better illumine your way on weathers such as snowy, foggy, or rainy.

Fog lights are one of the best options you can install in as an additional accessory to your automotive. Not only will it enhance the manifestation of your vehicle, it will also help the low beam lights illumine the road ahead even better, especially on rough weather conditions. At the same time, this makes your car a lot more visible for other motorists and onlookers on the road. By this, both you and the other drivers could prevent getting into visibility troubles and accidents. One of the cutest little lights, but stylish and sporty in a way that you can take into consideration is the PIAA 1400 Series Fog Lights. They are the world's smallest compact fog light initially designed for sports compact but now used in so many other automotive. Don't be deceived by its size. This light is equipped with multi surface reflectors that provide a very effective fog pattern.

Parts Train carries this wide selection of fog lights that you can install on your car including these PIAA 1400 Series Fog Lights, plus other PIAA products for your selection. Browse around our catalog and simply pick out what you want from the given options.