PIAA Car Parts & Accessories

PIAA Corporation is a company that specializes in the manufacture of automotive lamps, wiper blades and wheels for street car and race car applications. The company was established in 1963 and started manufacturing light bulbs and headlight lamps for automobiles. Its commitment to world-class standard has kept it abreast and even sometimes ahead of its competitors. Its products are dependable that costumers can use them with pride and confidence. The main driving force behind the company's product development is the commitment in making driving safer at night and during bad weather conditions. The company combines market-driven forces with the latest technology available to develop and sell its products. It combines both aesthetics and ergonomics. Its products are superbly functional but elegantly attractive.

When it comes to automotive lighting, PIAA Corporation is a leading company. It specializes in the manufacture and marketing of different types of automotive lighting and fixtures. Its product line includes headlight lamps, signal lights, bulbs, fog lights and LED lamps. It produces automotive lightings that are vehicle specific. It covers almost all types, makes, models and year of vehicles. It manufactures automotive lightings for both on-road and off-road or racing applications. Aside from automotive lighting, it also manufactures wheels and wiper blades for both street vehicles and race vehicles. However, the company's most profitable product is still the automotive lightings and fixtures. Automotive lightings are still the most in demand products.

Automotive lights come in different forms. All of these lights can be considered both functional and decorative. Nonetheless, the degree of functionality and aesthetics vary from one type of automotive light to another. The main function of automotive lights is to enhance the safety of the vehicle. This function is accomplished in two ways. First, the automotive lights, particularly the headlights and fog lights, provide illumination during low visibility situations such as night time or bad weather (e.g., foggy day). By providing illumination the driver's vision is enhanced. Second, automotive lights provide warning signals for other motorists as well as pedestrians. This function is particular with turn signal lights and tail lights. Now, if you are searching for PIAA lights, Parts Train is the one-stop online shop you can rely on.