PBR Brake Caliper & Accessories

The brake caliper is one important component of your vehicle's braking system. It is therefore very important that you secure this part from a reliable provider and a well-known auto parts manufacturer. The PBR Brake Caliper is an ideal product for you. The brake caliper is a part of the braking system that clamps against the brake disc or the rotor to effectively slow down your ride everytime you step on the brake pedal. The PBR brand has been known to be a specialist in the lightweight and performance braking system, so it is not a surprise that the brand crafts a highly reliable braking component such as the brake caliper. In the performance automotive market, PBR has been highly regarded and recognized for supplying only premium quality replacement braking parts. And for the calipers, you can choose from a loaded caliper or a pad less caliper, aside from the fact that PBR also offers the caliper service kits which are available as minor kits. The brand's pad less caliper will deliver faster braking service to your vehicle. This part comes as a complete changeover unit without the disc pads. This is actually recommended for a person who is very specific on the disc pad material to be used. Every pad less caliper from the brand is factory-assembled and is one hundred percent leak-tested to ensure a trouble-free braking for your auto. On the other hand, the brand's loaded caliper is designed to deliver a higher braking level! This is because this type of caliper comes as complete changeover units, including the certified original equipment quality disc pads. These specific products of the brand are actually available here in our site. Take a tour and browse our online catalog for you to see our list of brake calipers and other braking accessories from many reliable brands out there.