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It's a good thing that road accidents caused by brake failure are very rare. Brake failures comprise an estimated 5% or less of car accidents in the United States. This is because most cars have two braking systems, the second one being a back-up in case your regular brakes do not work. Although brake failure accidents occur rarely, it doesn't mean that you wouldn't experience this problem. It can be caused by owner negligence, faulty installation, or faulty servicing. But it's also possible that a brake system component just gave up after years of usage. When this happens, you should get a replacement only from a trusted brand, like PBR.

The brand started as Paton's Brake Service Station in December 1, 1927 in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, they have grown from a local manufacturer of auto brake components for the Australian market to a supplier of quality brake parts for the global market. PBR's ability to deeply understand the changes in today's automotive industry's manufacturing principles is what sets them apart from their competitors. Aside from that, PBR employs a Global Manufacturing System (GMS) which provides uniformity in the processes across their different manufacturing facilities worldwide. This system encompasses the safety, quality, and improvement in their activities so as to attain zero defects in the production of their auto parts.

Another thing that makes PBR such a great manufacturer of brake components is innovation. It is part of every process in the development of each of their products. Innovation can be seen on the outstanding performance of their lightweight braking systems, PBR's commitment to research and development, and consumer response on their award-winning products. Aside from that, PBR has also committed to help in the conservation of the environment by improving their product development processes to eliminate or lessen waste materials.

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