Orion Car Parts & Accessories

Friction is the number one murderer when it comes to your car's wheels. Since the rubber tires constantly scrape the road, the amount of friction generated can increase the chances of premature tire wear. In Physics, friction is actually considered as the 'evil of all motion' because it causes opposite movement, like when something is moved to the left, friction causes it to turn right. This can greatly aggravate the wear and tear on your wheel assembly, so you better invest on Orion parts in order to keep the components of your wheels in good condition all the time.

The wheel assembly of your vehicle is primarily composed of the wheel hubs, wheel bearings, and wheel seals. Orion is the leading supplier of wheel seals in the market so in order for the hubs and bearings to maintain their pristine state, you have to equip it with the brand's efficient set of wheel seals. These components resemble thick fashion bangles some women wear to improve their style. The difference is the wheel seals are made of highly resistant rubber and have a much bigger diameter than a woman's bracelet. The circular rubber is usually fitted and mounted over your car's axles to keep the wheel from disengaging, an occurrence which can pose a threat to your safety.

Orion wheel seals are also effective in keeping the wheel bearings of your car properly lubricated. It seals in the oil so the bearings won't get damaged and can freely move, thereby increasing the smoothness of your ride. By locking in lubrication, the seals can also protect the bearings from contaminants like salt, dirt, and water. The wheel seals from the brand also shield the wheel-end from getting eaten by rust and effectively blocks filth accumulation on the brake drums and shoes caused by leakage.

Check out our cost-efficient Orion product selection at Parts Train so you can prevent heavy leakage on your wheel assembly. Just give us a call if you need assistance on your purchase and we'll arrange for a no-delay delivery right away. We aim to improve the efficiency of your vehicle, no matter what make or model that is, so make us your trusted automotive partner today.