Orange Electronics Car Parts & Accessories

If you're running your car at several miles per hour, it's highly unlikely that you would even notice the decrease in the pressure of your tires. You may notice a little bit of wheel hop or some uneven movement, but unless you've got a good TPMS sensor, there's no other way for you to know whether the pressure has gone down. You can prevent the occurrence of a sudden flat tire though if your car's equipped with an Orange Electronics TPMS system. The brand supplies aftermarket and OE TPMS parts to major distributors at competitive prices, thus you get to purchase the parts at a much cheaper cost while safeguarding the pressure level of your tires. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

What makes the brand's TPMS sensors so popular is its patented radio frequency technology with a two-piece construction design which slashes off costly replacement fees. Usually, the TPMS valve and sensor is an inseparable combination. You have to replace both if one gets damaged. But Orange Electronics changes the way TPMS systems work by incorporating a dual design which will help you save more because you don't have to replace the sensor in case the valve gets damaged. Another plus point for the brand's TPMS is the radio frequency technology, making the system easier to integrate into several wireless devices found in your car, like on the dash, rear-view mirrors, DVD, and GPS. This way, you can monitor the pressure level of your vehicle constantly and with less hassle.

But what are the actual benefits of a TPMS anyway? First, the TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, warns the driver once the air pressure in the tires starts to decrease by 25%. Each tire is equipped with an individual sensor which sends the information over to the ECU so you can see a warning on the dashboard. It has a variety of benefits, including better road grip, longer tire life, and an improved vehicle handling. But most importantly, it keeps you safe.

Install Orange Electronics TPMS components to preserve the tires of your car. Parts Train offers the brand's product selection at minimum prices. We also offer other hard-to-find parts and accessories available for various makes and model. So what are you waiting for? Place an order and we'll take care of the rest.