Optima Batteries Battery & Accessories

The Optima Batteries battery is available in yellow tops and red tops; each has its own advantages. They are color coded to indicate performance and specification differences. The yellow top is suited for deep cranking and cycling or recharging from full energy drains to full energy capacity. It works well for modern vehicles that have high power requirements. The red top is best used for trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). It offers a strong 5-second starting burst time. Both are designed to last twice as that of the ordinary service life span of an ordinary battery and it has more vibration resistance.

To top it off, Optima batteries are easy to install and maintenance-free. Each battery has a spill-proof configuration, allowing it to be easily mounted on the engine bay. Available in different models, there's one to match every vehicle make and model specification. Each of these will not only differ in cranking power and time, but also in physical dimensions. A perfect-fit Optima Batteries battery allows for easier installation and better performance. You can find your compatible unit today at our extensive catalog here at Parts Train.