Omix Car Parts & Accessories

Frustration usually hits you when you search a hardware store and you discover that it doesn't have all the work equipment you need. It can be tiring to go from one shop to another in search of those hard-to-find tools. The same frustrated feeling can be felt when trying to find parts and accessories for your vehicle. One brand might not have it all, the same way not all stores can carry everything you're looking for. But Omix ends the long and frustrating search when it comes to off-road auto parts and accessories. This brand makes everything easier for you because you don't have to search anywhere else if you're planning to give your big four-wheel vehicle a complete overhaul.

A childhood dream actually laid the groundwork for the company some 19 years ago. From a small-time Jeep dealership family business, the company evolved and became a worldwide operation that is continuously making the lives of Jeep and off-road vehicle owners everywhere much easier. As the world's largest independent Jeep parts and accessories manufacturer, Omix has already reached a whopping retail value of $30 million with a massive inventory of more than 16,000 automotive products. With a business operation this big, who would have thought that the company only has around 75 employees working together?

But the small number did not stop them from reaching worldwide status and being USA's number one supplier of Jeep parts. What's more, Omix proves it doesn't have to win the numbers game when it comes to manpower because the company serves over 500 retailers, distributors, and merchandisers in over 50 major countries. That's definitely something not all automotive businesses can achieve and it is certainly a huge feat for a company with only limited number of employees.

Yes, there are indeed several other companies out there manufacturing off-road accessories and Jeep parts as well, but what makes Omix stand out from the rest of them is its team of engineers that effectively works together to design each part using 3D Parametric CAD and the highly advanced Digital Laser Scanning technology. By doing this, the developed concept becomes tangible and ready for distribution. So you don't have to be frustrated anymore when searching for Jeep and off-road auto parts because everything you're looking for is just under Omix. Check out our online catalog at Parts Train to score the most amazing deals on this brand.