OTC Car Parts & Accessories

A do-it-yourself session is much easier if you have all the tools you need in just one box. If you're used to repairing the damaged parts of your car yourself, having a complete set of equipment stored in just one toolbox is a great investment and will even cut the repair time into half. Just like how a sewing kit is an indispensible part of a seamstress' life, you wouldn't be able to survive any DIY repair session without a handy toolbox as well. But collecting all those equipment is not that easy, especially the rare and hard-to-find ones. So how do you complete your toolbox? Don't worry because the tools expert company OTC will be able to fill all the compartments of your toolbox for you with special service and maintenance equipment designed to make your DIY life a trouble-free one.

Headquartered in Owatonna, Minnesota, the company first manufactured automotive equipment way back in 1925. The automotive industry was still young then, having just eclipsed the horses and drawn carriages era, so there weren't too many companies offering special service tools during those days. People were still in the process of discovering cheaper alternatives to the usually costly mechanic fees. Thus, when OTC surfaced and brought to the market a diverse line of general purpose tools, heavy duty equipment, vehicle electronic diagnostic instruments, and automotive fuel system maintenance equipment, it basically attracted a lot of customers and the business successfully grew over the years.

The brand even reached a wider market after a multi-national company acquired it in 1985. OTC is now part of North Carolina's SPX Service Solutions Group. Under the leadership of its mother company, the brand continues to expand its operations in different parts of the globe and has already built some of its facilities overseas, specifically in UK, Germany, and Japan. OTC currently has an international network of authorized aftermarket distributors that supplies OEM construction, truck, car, and marine equipment to a large customer base in the United States.

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