OR Fab Car Parts & Accessories

If you love off-road driving, then you must ensure that all the necessary off-road elements are installed on your car. But you need more than just off-road components—you need durable and high quality components. When it comes to superior products, you can always count on OR Fab. All OR Fab products have been designed for hard-core two or four-wheel drive vehicles. This off road performance brand has been around the automotive industry for nearly a decade, so you can never go wrong with it.

To provide you with the most functional and excellent off-road products, every OR Fab product was conceptualized and designed by a Performance Automotive Group. The manufacturing process is precise and strict—because major factors like functionality, fit, as well as form are taken into full consideration. What makes OR Fab different from the rest is the customer inputs that are built and designed in all their products, so that the demands of off road enthusiasts are met.

What makes OR Fab worthy to be one of your prized investments? First and foremost, every OR Fab product is proven to be durable and high quality. This is made possible, because OR Fab products are of .120 wall DOM steel tubing construction. That means you can be sure that it will be able to last the rigorous demands of off-road driving-anytime, anywhere. Next to that is style—that gloss black powder coat and wrinkle powder coat finish will definitely make your car achieve that rugged appeal!