OES Genuine Window Regulator & Accessories

Bring your car windows back to life with a high-quality OES Genuine window regulator! Most drivers don't even give their windows a second look, failing to recognize the importance of the said parts in their daily drives. These drivers do not understand that they're in for a big trouble once the windows fail in any way. And, one of the most common window failure is caused by a damaged window regulator, the part designed to enable the windows to move up and down as you close and open them. This function of the windows is very important, as this determines both your convenience and the protection of your car interior from damaging elements and from unscrupulous individuals.

The OES Genuine window regulator is designed to work hand in hand with the window motor. The said part is basically made up of a series of linkages and gears that work together to provide the force that will enable the windows to move with just a simple push of a button. The window motor supplies the power that operates the regulator, and the regulator converts such power into the energy needed to trigger the movement of the windows. Aside from this, the gears that make up the regulator also play a huge part in keeping the windows locked and secured whenever you need to leave your auto in a public place.

Any form of damage on the window regulator, no matter how small, can have serious effects on you and your car. You may not be able to lock your car windows, and this can expose your ride to threats like robbery. If the windows fail to close properly, you will also be wasting the output of your air conditioning system, as cold air will always seep out through the window gaps. Plus, whenever you drive in the rain, rainwater may get inside your vehicle and trigger damage on your metal car components. Prevent all of these possibilities by getting a top-of-the-line OES Genuine window regulator to replace the damaged regulator in your vehicle. Choose one with specifications that match your vehicle to guarantee a good fit and excellent compatibility with other window parts.

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